One of the most misunderstood factors of successful investing and wealth creation is the contribution that your mindset, your beliefs and your psychology play in the determination of the outcomes that you achieve.

The best investment strategies on the planet can produce poor results if the person driving the system is not aware of the impact that their thoughts, beliefs and actions have on the processes.

It has taken me 20 years of study and practice to become fully aware of what I needed to do to be successful. Over this time there has been an enormous amount of time and cost to learn the lessons required. It is my desire to assist you to short cut this process and learn from the beginning what you can do to be successful, to achieve your goals and intentions, without the cost of time and money that I incurred.

A simple step that I found to be highly effective was to undertake the tests below. These tests provide an insight to your wealth profile, where you are on the Wealth Spectrum and if you are looking to be an entrepreneur the GeniusU test also is a great way to learn where your strengths are and who you need to surround yourself with to be successful.

These tests have been developed by the Entrepreneur Institute and can be done online in less than 10 minutes. A report is emailed to you within minutes and you can be comparing your profile with some of history’s greatest achievers like Rockefeller, Getty, Branson, Gates, Winfrey and more.

In the interest of full disclosure if you do follow one of the links below and decide to buy one of the tests I will receive a small commission.

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