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Learn How to Invest

Personalised one-on-one coaching where you’ll learn how to invest. Everything from basic financial literacy and different investment strategies & products to identify the difference between a good investment and a bad one.

Done-For-You Investing

Don’t have the time or interest to invest?
We’ll look after your portfolio and manage all of your investments for you, ensuring your assets remain robust and profitable for years to come.

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It’s about having a lot of options.”

An experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Our investment experience with you is customised, not cookie cutter. Everything we do is tailored to your individual goals, which is what sets us apart from most investors and investment coaches.

We’ll keep you
accountable. Always.

We won’t throw you to the wolves. Instead, we’ll hold your hand and help you execute your plan every step of the way. We’ll also check up on you regularly so that you never feel like you are going through the investment journey alone.

You’ll actually have fun.

You’ll come to learn that anybody can invest, and it isn’t hard when you know the basics. Actually, it’s pretty fun once you know what you’re doing. We’ll show you how to get there.

Most investors adopt the ‘hope and pray’ method to finances. Here’s why that doesn’t work.

When people consider investing, most of them have the same goals… They want to escape living month-to-month. Or they want a financial cushion for emergencies. But many are afraid to invest because they lack the tools, knowledge and expertise to do it properly.

That’s why they never start investing at all.

Instead, they continue trying to save, rely on only their super or keep working until retirement, hoping and praying that they’ll be okay.

Many of them also never achieve a passive income stream, meaning they might spend their life working to survive instead of doing things they want to do.

Only to realise, once they hit 65, they don’t have enough money to stop working. Ever.

Our five-step signature system to investing

Our system of helping our clients invest pares down to five key steps.

Step 1

Changing your mindset

The first step to becoming a successful investor is to adopt the mindset of one. We use seven key questions to identify your current way of thinking and train you to adopt what some people call the ‘million-dollar mindset’ so you are psychologically prepared for the investment journey.

Step 2

Building your master plan

The next step is to create your master plan by inventorying your current financial resources and using that to find your ‘financial freedom number’. That way, you can start growing your wealth from where you already stand but still keep the ‘big picture’ in mind.

Step 3

Developing your strategy

Once we’ve built your master plan, we’ll develop a strategy to help you execute it. This can involve a range of things depending on your financial situation, whether that’s eliminating debt, supercharging any current leverage or investing in financial instruments such as stocks, bonds or property.

Step 4

Protecting (and growing) what you build

Once you’ve built a portfolio, you need to protect it. Toward that end, we’ll teach you strategies to manage your risk and safeguard the assets you’ve acquired, but we’ll also teach you what you need to do to grow your investments over the long term.

Step 5

Campaign Scaling

Now we have a proven success model and are generating qualified marketing leads, it’s time to scale up the campaign.

Step 6

Measuring your progress

Investments are not ‘set-and-forget’. We’ll keep you accountable by consistently measuring your progress to ensure you never fall off the wagon. Remember that you are not on this journey alone. We are with you every step of the way.

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