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Are you tired of living from month to month, and not having a financial cushion for unexpected financial setbacks, let alone a comfortable retirement?

Don’t want to pay for financial advisors who’ll take your money but not make you any – but also don’t want to make bad investments because you lack the tools and knowledge?

Want to adopt good money habits so you can not only get out of debt now and grow your wealth, but also set up your children with a good example and knowledge for their future.

You came to the right place

I’m Andrew, and I am a mindshift.money certified coach with over 20 years of experience in the world of finance.

I’m on a mission to change the money outcomes of one million people – by teaching you how to change your financial circumstances, you can then teach your family, spreading the knowledge and changing financial futures for generations.

How I Can Help

Money Management

My “21 Days to Money Mastery” eBook teaches you how money works, how to have more of it, and how to take control of your financial future, without overwhelm and simple actions to grow your money.

Debt Detox

My “Debt Detox” program shows you how to eliminate debt efficiently and effectively, and how to save hundreds of dollars a month from your current living expenses.

Investing 101

My “Investing Bootcamp” navigates you through the jargon and teaches you what you need to know to invest like a pro – and build a secure financial future, no matter your starting scenario.


I have always realised the importance of investing for future financial security, but have never had the knowledge and it’s always been in the ‘too hard basket’. The investing Bootcamp has now given me the knowledge, practical skills and resources to start investing and have the secure financial future that I’ve always wanted. The Bootcamp course is enjoyable and easy to follow. It lays out good plans and strategies and demystifies the investing process. It gives a great overview of all the different investing pathways and there is a strategy that will suit everyone, regardless of the amount of money that they have to invest. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take control of their money, start investing and create a future of financial security and freedom.
- Gia Cumming

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