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The Path to Financial Freedom – 5 Proven Steps to the Lifestyle You Want

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The Investor’s Way is all about creating a plan for your money so you can overcome money stress NOW and build for a secure financial FUTURE. We have developed affordable, simple to use and easy to understand online courses to assist you to implement better money management and investing strategies into your life, efficiently and effectively. We are all about demystifying the jargon and providing you with step by step processes so you can get results quickly.


The Investor's Way provides different money coaching programs depending on your personal needs. Find more to determine what works for you.


Learn the basics first and then work your way through the more advanced content to effectively and efficiently grow your wealth.

“Andrew has an uncanny knack of effective visualisation. He will see the greatness in you before you’ve even recognised it in yourself. In your heart, if you know there is more out there for you, and you just need someone to believe in you and someone who is in your corner… I know that you’ve found the perfect person to do exactly that.”
- Louise Bedford

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The Path to Financial Freedom

5 Proven Steps to the Lifestyle You Want