Gratitude and Financial Abundance

This week represents thanksgiving holiday season in the USA and I have been receiving lots of emails about gratitude.

It got me thinking…

I have been doing some training over the past week and the concept of abundance has been a regular theme.

The interesting thing has been how often financial abundance has been linked with gratitude.

As you know, my vision is to expand your mind, your well-being and ultimately your wealth by teaching you to take control of your money.

In walking this path it is important to recognise that abundance comes from an attitude of gratitude…

So I first want to thank YOU, for reading my blogs, entrusting me to assist you in taking control of your money and working towards a better financial future where financial freedom can be yours.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to expanding our reach over the coming years to assist you and many more to achieve your financial goals.

I want to assist you to remove money stress and change the way you think about money…

And for that opportunity I am full of gratitude.

There is so much negativity and stress in media circles at the moment, especially when it comes to money and financial matters.

You may have noticed the media using negative trends to scare you into action, such as property prices falling in a particular market, or stock market crashes after an election result…

I prefer not to concentrate on these negative stories.

Not to ignore them… sometimes this is data that we need when making our investing decisions.

Rather, if we spend our time together gathering statistics to prove trends exist that disempower us and make us angry, that only leaves us disempowered and angry.

What you Resist Persists

One thing that holds true in life is the saying – What you resist persists.

  • Your job
  • Traffic
  • Exercise to get that flat stomach
  • Saving and investing for your future

You’ve probably been resisting these things for years. Do they change, or do they disappear? Likely not…

Conversely, when you set out to make a positive difference in your life, do you do it in the context of resisting the fact that it doesn’t already exist?

I suspect not, because you want this positive difference in your life…

If you want change in your life, if you want different results, then they are yours for the taking, all you need is different actions.

gratitudeWhen I get presented with that kind of freedom and those kinds of possibilities, I am filled with inspiration and gratitude.

Now I want to explain an important but subtle difference between gratitude and being thankful.

According to the dictionary, gratitude and thankful are synonymous with the exception of two operative words…

It defines thankful as ‘conscious of benefits received’ while defining grateful as ‘appreciative of benefits received’.

This suggests that we experience gratitude and thankfulness in different ways. Thankfulness is something that we are aware or conscious of, whereas gratitude is something that requires you to be affected by the experience.

This is concept was explained to me this week by one of my mentors, Jeff Walker.

He described the discipline of gratitude, where he recommends you write down each night the three things that you are grateful for from that day.

They don’t have to big things, it could be as simple as being grateful for the time you spent exercising, or the $5 you found in a pocket that you had forgotten about.

This practice not only develops a discipline of gratitude, which is the actual action of writing down the things you are grateful for each day…

…but it also provides a moment where you reflect on these three things, allowing yourself some time to understand your appreciation of the person, thing or experience for which you are expressing gratitude.

Gratitude is a deliberate practice…

Gratitude: What You Focus on Expands

discipline of gratitudeThe other saying that I have written about here that is relevant to the outcomes of gratitude, is ‘What you focus on Expands’.

If you recognise that gratitude is a path to abundance, then use this time now to be grateful for all the good in your life, the opportunities life presents and the possibilities you can create for yourself.

Just like my own story where I chose to turn financial scarcity into abundance, it takes commitment and determination to generate empowered thinking…

Choose gratitude and start taking control of your money to build a better financial future for you and your family.

There is so much in your life to have gratitude for, spend some time today reflecting on the many positive things in your life.

Focus on these things and allow them to expand.

A positive focus on your money and what opportunities you have because of the money you receive, will empower you to generate more, to have more control of what you do with it and to move forward on the path of generating wealth.

Let me know below what you are grateful for. Leave me a comment below and let’s spread the discipline of gratitude.

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