Money Management

What is Your Net Worth?

Knwoing where you want to be with your money is an important part of getting there. Undertand your net worth and track it to win the money game.

How to Guarantee Financial Freedom

Here is my simple, but not easy, tip for how to guarnatee financial freedom. I also show you why people fail with this simple tip and how you can overcome the traps.

How to Invest the Smart Way

I want to discuss how to invest the smart way. In case you missed it, you should review this post that outlined the important first steps of smart investing. To refresh your memory, it is all about cash flow… This is not the most common premise of the experts, gurus and talking heads. The majority of advice …

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4 Steps to Get What You Want

Four steps to get what you want that don’t require you to turn your life upside down. Use these four steps to change your outcomes from today.