How to Create the Life You Desire!

You may think that this is a bold statement, to suggest you have the power to create the life you desire.

But that is exactly what I am suggesting you do…

I am going to suggest, and with a little luck, persuade you that you can create the life you desire, and that it is more attainable than you believe. This may be a little difficult to accept at first, but stick with me.

Believing that you create the life you have and want is a mindset secret of the rich. They know that in order to be successful and to attain financial freedom, they need to be the one to make it happen. The majority of the population spend their lives believing that life happens to them, and that they have no control of their own destiny.

It All Starts With Your Thoughts

An important realisation of the ability for you to create the life you desire is that it all comes from your mindset, or more simply, it starts with your thoughts.

Understand that from your thoughts you create actions and outcomes. This is an important point, your outcomes can not be achieved without first starting as a thought.

Think about that for a minute. Everything that you currently use in your daily life started as a thought inside someone’s mind. The technology, the home you live in, the car you drive, the music you listen to, everything started as a simple thought. Exciting to see it that way, right? Now take that one step further and you will realise that having those things in YOUR life, started with one of your thoughts. Boom!

So it is important to choose your thoughts wisely.

Up until now, you will have made financial decisions based on what you believe to be logical, sensible and appropriate for you at the time. Each decision will be based on your previous choices, which you thought appropriate at the time.

The problem however, is that these choices and decisions will not necessarily bring you success. In fact, they could produce continual poor results. Like buying the latest piece of technology just because it is 25 percent off, even though you have a significant credit card debt that you can’t pay off.

If you don’t have the level of financial success that you want, the hard truth will be because your filing system of thoughts and choices about financial success will not be supportive of success. Simple as that.

To Create the Life You Desire – Change Your Outcomes

So how do you change your outcomes? The good news is that having the awareness of the need to change is the first step.

You have to change the thoughts you have about money so that they are supportive of success. That is, they lead to positive actions and then successful outcomes.

And this can only be done by learning how the wealthy think, which we now know is different to how those that are not wealthy think.

So to create the life you desire, the first thing you need to do is to understand and believe that you are in total control of the outcomes that you achieve, especially when it comes to your financial outcomes.

You have to believe that you are the one who creates your success. The one who creates your failures, and that you are the one who created your ‘struggle’ with money, not someone else.

Have you ever noticed how many people see winning the lottery as their primary wealth creation strategy? They believe wealth is going to come to them by a machine dropping their numbers out of a barrel.

To be successful, you have to be the one to believe that you are the one who creates your success, consciously or unconsciously, it’s still you.

By taking responsibility for what is going on in your life, you will make choices that are more likely to produce positive actions and therefore outcomes.

Create the life you desire

Remember, your thoughts become actions which lead to outcomes. You choose with your thoughts your financial outcomes.

Choose the outcomes you desire and your actions will support your success. So you get to choose how to create the life you desire. Pretty cool heh?

This is the mindset of the wealthy.

What Are The Traps?

It is important that I outline some traps that can and will get in your way as you transition from your current financial thoughts to those that will deliver what you desire.

These traps are what will derail you if you don’t recognise them and avoid them. The traps include:

  • Blame
  • Justification, and
  • Complaining

It is likely that you have had some of these thoughts before.



Have you ever experienced a financial loss and found something or someone else to blame?

I recall a very specific time in my life where I was trading options and implementing one of the strategies that I thought was going to be the magic quick fix to my wealth goals.

I had a loss in a trade as the option approached expiry, rather than close out the position and accept I was wrong I took advice from someone else to roll the option over another period. When this period expired the option had lost even more value and I recall blaming the advice for the loss, rather than accepting that I made a bad decision initially and then made it even worse when I took the advice.

Blaming others for your financial position is not the way the wealthy think, they take responsibility for their decision making.


Justification is another trap. Justifying bad decisions or choices is another way people explain why they are not financially successful.

This one is often evident in the way people talk about money. You will recognise it when they say things like, ‘money isn’t that important’.

If you believe something isn’t that important to you, do you think that you will attract it in your life? If you don’t think money is important to you, you simply won’t have much of it.

The wealthy have the mindset that money is important, and recognise the place it has in our society. That is, they know where money is important and where it isn’t.

Money is important to pay your bills, to build homes, schools, hospitals, and to feed you. In these areas it is important, and wealthy people understand this…


The third trap is ‘complaining’. I am sure you have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’ which states that ‘like attracts like’, or ‘what you focus on expands’.

So if you are focusing on complaining, what are you likely to be attracting into your life?

It certainly isn’t going to be financial success.

Therefore, to create the life you desire, you need to ensure that you are having thoughts that are success oriented, that lead to actions and outcomes that can be successful.

millionaire mindset

And most importantly, recognise that at every moment you are either attracting success or failure in your life, and therefore it is imperative that you choose your thoughts wisely.


Wealthy people believe that they owe their success to no one but themselves. They are steering the ship of their life.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, go out there and create the life you desire today.

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