Geared for Growth

This week’s blog is something different. I was recently interviewed for the Geared for Growth podcast. The interview was in response to some of the articles I have written for Australia’s most popular news website in recent weeks.

A couple of these articles contained what some may say was controversial opinion, or at the least, contrarian advice. This made for an entertaining and at the same time informative discussion.

In the podcast we were able to go a lot deeper with the ideas I shared in the article and even provided some practical examples that demonstrate the reality of the points being made. The great part of the examples is that they also showed the real power of the information if applied consistently.

So plug in some ear buds and sit back and enjoy the conversation. I’m sure you will get some great ideas or lessons from the topics we cover, which include:

  • What my first investment was and how it has performed.
  • What my experience in finance and CEO roles has taught me about wealth creation, or has it?
  • Why you shouldn’t pay off your mortgage.
  • Why budgets are useless and the comparison to a diet that demonstrates the issue.
  • A practical example with numbers of old thinking versus current investing practice – the difference is truly worth hearing about.
  • The importance of passive income to your future financial security
  • My two top tips for success with wealth creation.
  • Oh, and what I hung on my bedroom wall as a kid…

geared for growth


If you haven’t accessed my 5 Steps to Financial Freedom product where I explain how to apply the techniques discussed in the podcast, click the link to claim your copy now. Your future financial self will thank you for it later.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought and your one takeaway or ‘aha’ from this discussion.