Introduction and Welcome

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Welcome to my blog, where I will be giving you regular updates, information and even the odd challenge to enhance your wealth creation goals.

My focus is going to be on how to provide you with information and resources that will guide you from being a beginner investor all the way through to advanced strategies. Ultimately I want to give you information and tools that will give you the confidence to do this yourself.

If I can do it than you can too.

My goal is to assist as many people like you as possible to achieve success in your wealth creation goals and strategies. Why you might ask would I want to do this?

Well you see, I have spent over 20 years learning and making all the mistakes you possibly can when it comes to growing my wealth. In this time I have had my struggles. There have been times where I was completely stuck with inertia, not knowing what to do or where to go to implement what I had been learning. Many times I was losing money doing what I thought was the right thing, when in fact I was making all the fundamental beginner mistakes.

This period of my life was lost time and opportunity, and let’s face it, it was expensive.

So after getting my wealth creation strategies working effectively and efficiently and seeing the success that can be achieved, I had the realisation that I could and should help others to get past this struggle of not knowing what to do and provide people like you with tools to get started and gain the confidence to grow your own wealth today.

I have spent 20 years learning from and about some of the best wealth educators in the world, including Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Louise Bedford, Christopher Tate, Eben Pagan and Jeff Walker.

One of the things that most people, including myself, do not acknowledge or worse still, accept, is that the most important element that determines your success is YOU.

Seems so obvious, but unless you know the impact you have on your implementation of your strategies then you are likely to end up in the same place that I was, stuck and not being successful. Once I discovered that I and my psychology had such a profound impact on my results, the results started to improve dramatically. Go figure heh!

So in this blog and at my website, which you can check out at, I’m going to help you discover how you can improve your results immediately with some simple understandings of yourself.

Of course there is also going to be some information to build your strategies as well. I’m going to focus on Property Investing and Share Investing, which are two vehicles that I have had the most success with in my journey.

So let’s get the journey started. Leave me a comment below, share the blog with your friends and help me out by liking my social pages. I’ll be using social posts to get some short messages out there and to interact with you more regularly.

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