6 Ways Mums (or Dads) Can Make Money From Home

Make money from home! But mums are busy people, am I right? 

This means flexibility is key when it comes to ways to make money from home. 

Whether it’s to kill debt, boost investments or save for a family trip, here are 6 ways mums can bring home more cash each month while juggling the family schedule. 

Sell your second-hand stuff – Find 10 items to sell for $30 – $50 each

It an obvious one, I know. I think a lot of people put this off though because it seems like a bit of a pain – photographing, posting and answering enquiries – for a single item less than $50. 

It might not feel like it’s worth your time.

make money from home

Move past this block by committing to finding at least 10 items at home you feel you can sell for $30 – $50. 

If you come up with 10 items you’re looking at between $300 – $500 in profit; now that’s more motivating! 

Yes, it will still take time to photograph/post and answer inquiries. However doing it all at once is more efficient than doing it in dribs and drabs. 

Teach online

Tutoring or teaching online is a straightforward way to make money from home 

There are plenty of established sites calling for teachers (of languages and a myriad of other topics). Making it pretty easy to get started. 

You’ll need a strong internet connection, computer and each of the platforms require varying levels of qualifications.

Qualifications can range from Bachelor’s degrees to being TEFL ( Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification.

Sound interesting? Here are a few sites to investigate:

Wyzant – Tutor students on a range of topics from chemistry to languages. 

OpenEnglish – Teach students in Latin America English. 

Teach English Online Australia – Teach English to students all over the world. 

Tutor Me – Tutor students from K-12 on subjects from computer science to history. 

If you’re juggling a busy schedule (you’re a mum, of course you are!) a tutoring gig is a flexible opportunity. You choose the time and hours that work best for you. 

Offer A Virtual Assistant Service

Becoming a Virtual Assistants (VA) is a perfect way to make money from home for mums with executive assistant, office management, secretarial or marketing experience. 

The need for VAs has boomed in the last 5 years, thanks to a shift towards a more remote workforce. I should know, I have two!

virtual assistant

As a VA, you could be working on anything from booking travel and monitoring email to managing social media. All while working from home around the family schedule. 

You could choose to specialise too! For example, if you have finance experience, you could focus on bookkeeping, or if you’ve got a knack for Instagram, specialise in social media.

To get started, you can join an established Virtual Assistant platform, Upwork or launch your own business. 

Rent out your garage, carpark or spare room with Spacer 

Spacer is an Aussie site that lets you hire out your unused space – garages, carpark, storage cages, shipping containers, and even spare bedrooms – for people to park cars and store stuff. 

Turning your spare space into a pretty passive income stream seems like a simple way to make money from home to me!

The Spacer platform connects those who have spare storage space with those who need them in most major Australian cities. Calculate what your space might be worth

Become a freelance writer or editor

Make money from home – Check

Be the boss of your own schedule – Check

Put your creative talents to use – Check


Freelancing mums around the globe are getting paid to write and edit all types of content. From articles, whitepapers, and training manuals to blog posts, direct marketing email copy, and interviews.

If you have top-notch skills and (most importantly) know how to market yourself freelance writing and editing can be a good way to make money from home.  Aussie freelance writer, Lindy Alexander, hit 100k annual income, while working (mostly) from home with her family. 

Writers and editors are usually paid hourly or per project. Rates can vary wildly, from $8 to $10 an hour or job, up to $60 – $80 per hour or hundreds of dollars per article. 

More lucrative opportunities can be found by subscribing to freelance writing job boards or by pitching your services directly to a potential client. 

Hire out unused baby equipment with Tree Hut Village

Have some good quality prams, cots or car seats the kids no longer need or don’t use very often? Check out Tree Hut Village.

It’s an innovative platform that lets mums (and dads!) rent out their unused baby equipment to other parents. 

There’s a whole bunch of things you can hire out – from childproof gates to baby monitors. The most popular item on the site are prams. Tree Hut Village founder proved there’s definitely money to be made, collecting $3000 hiring out just 4 of her baby items. 

How Do You Make Money From Home?

I’ve pulled this list of 6 ideas to get you thinking about how you can make money from home but I’d love to hear from you too. 

If you’ve got some tips on side hustles that have pulled in some extra cash while working from home, drop them in the comments below or share with the Investors Way Facebook group.