4 Steps to Get What You Want

To get what you want, it’s one of life’s most dreamed about desires.

No matter how old you are right now, there is no doubt that at least once in the last week you have thought about the life you want, the things in your life you want. It’s natural and I would say healthy…

Your thoughts are the foundation for how you get what you want.

In fact, I make it a daily habit to spend time thinking about the things that I want. This week I was asked during a planning session this question. If I had a magic wand and could spend my life doing whatever I wanted, what would I do…?

The answer could have been a long one. I have many things that I still want to do and achieve. The quick answer was that I wanted to follow the sun and live overseas during the aussie winter so that I could be warm all year round, destination Hawaii.

ultra-wealthyYou will have your own ideas on what you want.

But here is the kicker…

Most people will spend their life waiting for the things they want to come to them, hoping it will magically land on their lap one day.

The reality however, is to get what you want, you need to create it, make it happen. We are creative beings, and our creative powers are far greater than we know.

You and I have the power to decide what happens to us. By transforming our thinking, and therefore our actions, we can create opportunities for ourselves. Change our own lives without waiting for outside forces to decide for us.

4 Steps to Get What You Want

Step One: See yourself how you want to be.

One of the most life changing lessons I learned from the book ‘The Secret’ was the first step to get what you want was to imagine yourself already having it.

If I can see it, feel it and really believe it, I can create it…

If you want to lose weight put up a picture in your home of a time you were the weight you want to be and look at it every day.

If you want to be in a relationship spend five minutes a day imagining what that would look like – close your eyes and see yourself walking down the street with someone holding hands or talking about your days over dinner.

If you want to be financially free where you can travel the world whenever you want, or live overseas for half the year, see yourself doing it. Describe where you would live, feel the weather, describe what you would be doing and who with…

See yourself already having what you want, you are already there: “I am skinny,” “I am in a loving relationship” “I am financially free and living where I choose.”

These thoughts, this vision of you exactly as you want to be, will serve as your sat nav on the road ahead.

Step two: Start looking at ways you are already there

Because this entire process relies on you believing you can get where you want to go, your goals have to appear inevitable…

what you wantYou have to super charge your confidence.

So the next step is to recognise the ways you are already on the right road.

You have to think in terms of what you already bring to the table…

Maybe I don’t live in a large home yet, but I live in my own apartment in a gorgeous neighbourhood.

I don’t have a partner, but I am working on strengthening the relationships I already have with friends and family so I am learning about relating to others.

If you want to be skinnier, maybe you already think more about what you eat than you used to.

If you want to be financially free, maybe you have started investing and accumulating wealth in your wealth generator account.

This is about positive thoughts. You are on the path, taking the right actions and making progress.

Step three: Change some of your habits

The next step is to look at some of the habits you are making in life and see if they need changing.

So if you want to lose weight, maybe your food choices aren’t working for you. Try making better choices with food. I know when I decided to quit sugar and eat more wholefoods it was the most effective ‘diet’ I had ever followed.

Or when searching for a partner, maybe you need to change what you are looking for in a mate or change where you are looking for this partner.

When it comes to financial freedom, maybe your spending habits aren’t working for you. A quick review of where your money goes each week could highlight some easy changes you can make to free up more money for your investing.

The idea is to measure your actions against your vision and determine if they are helping you get what you want.

Step four: Strengthen your vision every day

Getting the life you want is hard. I don’t want to sugar coat it at all, it takes determined, consistent effort.

You have habits and thoughts that can pull you down or prevent you from getting where you want to go…

And you may even have people around you who don’t want to see you get what you want, or worse will sabotage your efforts.

visionSo you need to remain focused on your vision and strengthen it over and over to keep it alive when things don’t go your way.

However you choose to hold onto your dreams – by journaling or looking at a picture (a vision board is a great idea) or spending five minutes seeing yourself as you want to be (meditating) – do it every day…

And when you experience bumps, you won’t be derailed, knowing that you will definitely achieve your goals as you have seen yourself already having them, felt what it would be like and experienced the joy that comes from getting what you want.


The key to this process is believing… again and again. Every day you are a creative being, you can get what you want. You just need to start seeing yourself already having it, and believe it is yours.

I have always told my kids, in fact I am pretty sure they are sick of me saying it, to repeat a famous Napoleon Hill quote as often as you can to reinforce these four steps to get what you want: ‘If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it’.

To get what you want, leave me a comment and let me know what you are going to do this week to move forward to your goals.

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