My Worst Investment Ever

My Worst Investment Ever is something I haven’t shared with anybody before. And for something a little different for this blog post, it’s actaully a podcast eopisode 🙂

I was recently interviewed by Andrew Stolz for his podcast, which is appropriately titled, My Worst Investment Ever!

You might be wondering why I would want to share my worst investment. Well it turns out, talking about your worst investment is quite cathartic, and there are a number of great lessons in this eopisode as well.

my worst investment ever
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The Lessons Learned

When it comes to managing your money, and growing your wealth, there is one lesson this discussion highlighted the most…

Nobody is going to care about your money more than you!

Handing control of your money over to someone else is like putting the fox in charge of the rabbits. Not going to end well is it? And when you stop paying, the knowledge goes away too. You end up right back where you started.

So spending the time to learn is an investment that will pay massive divdends, for the rest of your life. And the great thing is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, like the advisors do.

Check out the episode and enjoy the lessons that I share from my worst investment ever, it was a doozy!

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