Month: August 2016

Eliminate Debt

I have been hearing a lot lately that debt is a major concern for you in your wealth creation journey. The question has been raised many times, how do I eliminate debt? Before I get into the ways that I think are best and most practical for you to eliminate debt, I want first to …

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Who Inspires You?

Have you ever stopped to think about who inspires you? There are bound to be many people that have had an impact on you and have shaped your life. These people will have demonstrated key characteristics that appeal to you and that you want to portray in yourself… This is an important lesson in the …

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The Path to Success

This week we have been enthralled by the success of our respective countries Olympians. It makes you think about the path to success that these athletes will have endured. As you know I like to use sport as a reference for our wealth creation experience because of the many similarities. These Olympic athletes have spent …

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