The Four Money Monsters and How to Slay Them

Are you tired of being stuck where you are with money? Do you lie awake at night worrying about how you are going to ever fix your money circumstances?

This is a common concern among my readers, and one that I want to change. It’s time we changed the statistics and had more than the current 5% retiring with enough to fund their lifestyle. Are you in?

If being stuck with money is filling you with fear and preventing you from living the life that you dream about. It’s time we fixed that, right?

You may have tried to change your circumstances before, yet you end up right back where you started…

… being stuck in that constant vicious circle of scarcity.

So let’s spend some time now looking at what you can do from today to change your circumstances.

These tips may not appear to be life changing, but I promise that if you apply just one of these ideas you will begin to see exciting changes…

And the more you apply these ideas, the closer you will be to achieving your definition of financial freedom. This could be having the choice to do what you want whenever you choose, to work when you want and not because you have to, to travel to all the places you dreamed about and to have choices about how you live your life.

Your Biggest Challenge:  The Four Money Monsters

challengeWhen it comes to money, what is your biggest challenge?

I ask this question a lot, and there are common responses that come up time and time again. These are the Money Monsters that almost everyone in your position faces:

  1. Too much debt
  2. I don’t know where to start
  3. Life hassles
  4. Spending habits

They say that ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’. Keep that thought in mind as you absorb today’s post.

I’m willing to bet that one of these four Money Monsters is likely to resonate with you… maybe even more than one.

Being stuck with money can generally be traced back to at least one of them.

But what can you DO about it?

Acknowledge It

Now that may seem harsh as I don’t even know you, but as I said, of all the people that I survey, these are the issues that keep coming up, so it is reasonable to conclude that they will apply to you too.

four money monstersAnd as with any problem, the first step to resolving it is to acknowledge that we have the problem in the first place.

For me, it was simply acknowledging that I had bad spending habits. My mindset about money was all about what I could get with it…

… everything that came in would also go out as I chased happiness in the form of spending.

Once I acknowledged that this was my Money Monster, I was able to conquer it.

Money Mindset

When you consider the four Money Monsters, there is one common element amongst all of them…

Your MINDSET about money!

Managing any of these issues is easy when you understand the SINGLE BIGGEST limiting belief about money.

What is it, you ask? Well, it’s simple to explain, but it’s a powerful shift.

It all comes down to the fact that it is NOT money that you want

“WHAT?” I hear you say, “Of course it is! Money solves all problems, doesn’t it?”

Well, NO, money is not actually what you want.

It is the things that money can buy, or the feelings that it can give you, that you really want. Read that again, it’s a righter downer (it’s a word I promise).

Money in and of itself is nothing more than a tool that you use to get what you really want.

When you can appreciate this, you remove the control that money has over your mindset, and then taking control of your money becomes a whole lot easier.

Every one of the Money Monsters I listed above can be solved simply by changing your mindset about money…

…and that’s so freeing, because I suspect that you have spent most of your life trying to solve your money problems, time and time again, by concentrating on chasing more money.

It’s time for that vicious cycle to end, once and for all.

 Your WHY

This is where identifying and connecting with your WHY is SO important…

To dissolve money of its power over you, you need to identify what is that you really want.

I would be surprised if you thought about having big piles of cash in your living room if I asked you what you really want…

Because money is not what you want. It is the things, the experiences, the choices, the assets that you really want. For me, it’s choices, everything comes back to choices.

The power of your WHY comes from how closely you connect with it. Your BIG why, the financial freedom that would completely change your life, is the key to really connecting and finding that reason for changing your circumstances.

 What Could Be?

Changing your mindset about money opens the door to new possibilities by helping you slay each of the four Money Monsters identified above.

Now that you know this to be true, take another look at the Money Monster that you identify with the most.

With your big WHY as your focus…

  • Think about how you might view debt in the future, or
  • How you might become better informed about how to change being stuck with money, where to start, or
  • How you might adjust your schedule to allow time for changing your money circumstances, or
  • How you might adjust your spending habits.

financial freedomAs you contemplate these questions, think about how your life will be different. Visualise exactly what you will be doing when you have what it is you want, and then start thinking about what you need to do to get it.

This is a really powerful exercise and will transform the way you think about money…especially if you allow yourself to physically feel what it would be like to be doing and having the things you want. When you can visulaise them, and feel the feelings as well, wow, that is when real trnasformation takes place.

And remember, the world is full of opportunities and it is just waiting for you to claim what you want. To take that initial step, understand what you want and then start taking the actions to get them.

As you know, I am on a mission to teach as many people as possible how to get started, how to mange their money so they can grow their wealth. So if getting started has been your problem, or you don’t know what to be doing in these times, claim your no-cost 40 minute wealth strategy brainstorming call where we can create a plan, show you how to overcome the rodblocks you have been facing and get you started on the right path to success with money.

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