Abundant Juice versus Scarcity Pie

Have you ever considered why some people seem to have it all? These people seem to drink abundant juice while you are left with scarcity pie.

Over the years I have had the privilege of being in a high level mastermind. This is a place where the abundant juice flows freely…

We spend a week at a time working on ways to help grow and improve our businesses, which is incredible…

But the real benefit of spending time with this group of people comes from the support and encouragement that they provide.

Conversations that lead to introductions and new connections…

This environment contributes to everyone’s success.

But what does this have to do with your wealth you ask…

One of the main aspects of wealth that I have learned over the last 25 years from all the successful people I have studied is that they have what seems like a never ending supply of abundant juice.

This is no coincidence, and certainly isn’t related to luck.

The Average of Five

There is a theory that suggests you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

theory of fiveSo think about that for a minute, who do you spend the most time with?

When you think about these people, how many would you say drink abundant juice, or are they more likely eating scarcity pie?

You may not have thought much about this in the past, and certainly didn’t think that your sphere of influence would impact your wealth, but the reality is, they do.

We live in a society where fitting in is important and sort after by most people.

You seek confirmation from those around you…

It feels good to fit in and to be liked…

However, when you understand that only 4% of the population are financially free, and 96% are living in some level of money stress, it becomes important to know who you spend your time with.

The simple truth is that spending a lot of time with people that don’t share your desire to take control of your money and achieve financial freedom WILL impact your results.

If you keep eating scarcity pie, your results will continue to reflect your thoughts.

A scarcity mindset cannot deliver the results that you seek.

I recall a sporting scenario when I was a teenager. I was playing in a team squash grand final. I was the last player on court, and needed to win convincingly for our team to win the match.

I won the first game well and in the break between games our club captain came to speak to me. His words were from the mindset of scarcity.

Rather than provide abundant juice, he filled me with scarcity pie. He talked about all the things that could go wrong, that I needed to stop happening and do better. Nothing positive at all.

I returned to the court and with scarcity thoughts filling my mind, my results suffered and we ended up losing the match.

To succeed in anything in life you need the flow of abundant juice, especially when it comes to your wealth.

The Benefits of Abundant Juice

Having spent time with and studied successful people, I believe there are 3 main benefits of drinking from the abundant juice tap.

First is confidence

When you spend time with people that are successful, or are working toward success, you almost automatically gain confidence from them.

confidenceThe conversations that you have and the words you choose to use are different…

Successful people don’t speak in terms of scarcity and so you are forced to up your own game.

When you start to talk and think in terms of abundance, you will feel this natural surge of confidence.

Almost like success is your destiny.

As your confidence builds the abundant juice flows and as if by magic, your results improve. It’s one of those natural laws. Success breeds success.

Second is support

One of the greatest attributes of successful people is their desire to see other people succeed.

Successful people will go out of their way to help you succeed…

The level of support you gain from being with and around successful people is another form of the abundant juice. It is uplifting and forces you to aim higher, achieve more.

Success is something that is rarely achieved on your own.

In fact when it comes to your financial freedom I am prepared to suggest that you can’t do it on your own…

You need people around you to support and encourage you.

Sure the implementation can be done by you, and is what I teach, but you will always need people for support and encouragement…

Who would you prefer that support comes from?

The people full of abundant juice, or those eating the last flaky piece of scarcity pie…

The third is security

When it comes to your financial freedom security is a huge factor.

There is security in knowing you are taking the right steps.

Security in making the right investments.

And security in knowing that you are getting advice from the right people.

Again, it is clear to me that people full of abundant juice are far more likely to have my back.

That security that they provide allows you to proceed in the knowledge that if and when you need their help, they will be there for you with the right advice.

This adds an element of safety to your journey to financial freedom.

abundant juice

The Choice is Yours

The choice is now yours…

You can choose abundant juice or you can have scarcity pie… So think about what it would be like to choose abundant juice.

What would your life be like in one year, five years, or ten years?

How would things have changed for you?

In choosing abundant juice and pursuing financial freedom, you are lifting yourself to a higher plane.

Seek out those people around you that will share your dreams and more importantly support you to achieve them.

Life is short, choose to be abundant and the results will surprise you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are going to choose abundant juice this week.

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