6 Ways to Get Money Flowing Your Way

I am often asked how do I get money flowing my way. So this week I have an assortment of 6 ways to get more money flowing your way.

These gems are in no particular order and I haven’t tried to tie them all together in a neat way. Instead, it is best that you decide which of these gems suits or resonates with you and then work on how you can apply the concept to get money flowing your way.

These concepts are a result of lessons I have learned over the last 20 years studying and researching successful people, especially those that have achieved their wealth from investing…

And I have to say that I was a slow learner. Many of these concepts were evident in almost every person I studied, yet it took me years to actually ‘learn’ the lessons and apply them to in my life.

You can thank me later for saving you years of discovery…

Money Has No Conscious

There is a very successful marketer, Dan Kennedy, who states that ‘money doesn’t care if you’re a pornographer or a priest’.

Now I’m not suggesting you get into pornography…

But the message is clear, to make money you have to remove all emotions relating to having money.

Now take it from me, this is darn hard to do when you are under significant money stress and not sure how you are going to make the mortgage payment, or credit card repayment. I get it.

universeThe thing is, your dominant thoughts about money are felt, not just from the people around you, but on a metaphysical sense as well. The universe feels your desperation, your need, and reflects back to you what you are thinking most.

This is classic law of attraction stuff. If you haven’t read ‘The Secret’, I highly recommend it. It’s an excellent easy read that helps clarify this concept that money has no conscious and flows to those that think about the reasons they want more money, the things they can do with it, and less about just the money.

It’s never about the money, remember that…Which leads me to the next point

What You Focus on you Get

Now you might be saying if I just focus on money, I will get it, right? Well no not really. You have to remember the first point above. The trick, the secret, is to have no emotional attachment.

Remove all emotional attachment to the outcome…

It’s like that needy person in your office. Everyone can feel his or her need, and let’s be honest, nobody likes a needy person.

If you focus on your lack of money, and you are emotionally connected to this lack, chances are you will continue to experience more of it.

The lesson here is that your focus needs to be directed toward what you want the money for, that is, the real reason why you want more money, and importantly, on what you need to do to get more money flowing to you.

Expect Unexpected Money

Unexpected money is a beautiful thing, no doubt about it…

get money flowingThe thing is, I’m never surprised by unexpected money any more. I expect unexpected money.

The amount doesn’t matter. The flow is what is important.

If you expect great things to happen to you, they will. It comes back to what you focus on. Expect good things and the universe will deliver them to you, bingo!

Surround Yourself with Wealth

If you aren’t wealthy yet, a great way to change your money flow and your thoughts about money, is to surround yourself by wealth.

One of my earliest money mentors taught me to go into a five star hotel and just spend some time having a drink in the foyer. Surround yourself in the experience of wealth.

There are many opportunities to practice this concept. You could go to a boat show, an expensive car dealership, or a fashion show. To really play the part, dress up and look the part as well.

You may think this sounds a bit weird, but trust me, it is not only good for your wealth, it’s good fun too. Try it out and feel how much wealth there is in the world.

Life is Energy

Everything is energy is something I learned from T. Harv Eker. Money is just energy he says…

Good energy attracts money like bees to honey…

It is important to work on your energy levels. You need to be in step with the flow of money. Now I’m not talking about the type of energy it would take to run a marathon or go to the gym. That energy is important…

But the energy I am talking about here is the energy you radiate to the world around you.

Do a quick reflection here and think about the energy that you have radiated today. Has it been uplifting or a little flat? Just acknowledge it for now.

gratitudeQuick ways to raise your energy include: meditation, showing gratitude, having a healthy self-image, and living a drama free life. These all help to raise your energy and make you more attractive to money and the vast opportunities around you.

Other ways include enthusiasm, fearlessness to take action, periods of self-imposed isolation and any other form of working on your inner health.

It took me many years to learn that the best and most successful money makers work on themselves first. They prioritise these activities over everything else…

The more I studied success, the more it became evident that every successful person has some form of ritual they complete in the morning to work on themselves. Most will have a defined ritual that they do every day at the same time without fail.

At first I thought this was just woo woo stuff. I ignored this as being a key to their success. I now know better… and now so do you.

Guard Your Mind

Simply put, focus on what is important…

While thousands, or more likely millions, of people were discussing Trump, or North Korea, or even the kid versus the gorilla at the zoo (remember that one), I was focussed on making money, or relaxing with a good book or cycling.

You create wealth by clearing away distractions… and clarity attracts money like teenage girls to a One Direction concert…

I do not let myself get side-tracked with trivial issues in which I have no control. I refuse to get involved in Facebook dramas, or somebody else’s latest drama.

This gives me peace of mind, it frees my mind to focus on what is important. By now, you know what is important is the next action that will get you closer to your financial dreams and get more money flowing to you.

So there you have six ways to get money flowing your way. As I suggested, pick one or a few and see how you can apply them to your life to make you more attractive to money.

I’m sure you will enjoy the additional bonuses that come from applying these concepts. They just make you a happier and more content person.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment and tell me how you are going to use this information.