5 Things Rich People Do To Keep Getting Richer

How do you turn making $50k, $80k, $100k a year into much, much more? By tapping into some of the habits and activities rich people do to keep getting richer!

The best part about these five things? No matter where you are in your financial journey, you can start doing them right now. 

Rich People Make Money Work For Them

Wealthy people think about what they can buy with their money that will make them money – without them having to work for it. Everyone else just thinks about what they can buy with the money they have!

Here’s a simple way to look at it. Decide to use your surplus (you know what that is, right?) of your income every month to buy something that makes you money.

It could be investing in the stock market, real estate, or any other asset that generates an income or profit, either from interest, dividend payments, or an increase in value. 

That’s how wealthy people think; what can I buy with this money that will make me more money?

rich people

A new couch won’t make you money, and neither will upgrading your wardrobe. Neither of those things adds dollars to your bank account.

Work on expanding your income so your capacity to invest and buy things that make you money will expand too. This brings us to the next point…

Rich People Focus On How They Can Increase Their Income 

Wealthy people are always looking for profitable opportunities in addition to their investing ventures. 

They’re creative when it comes to business ideas and believe there is always an abundance of ways to increase their income. They look for ways to give themselves a raise. 

Their mindsets are geared towards financial growth and with their mental radar tuned to the ‘profitable opportunity’ frequency, it’s not surprising that opportunities to increase their income, come their way. 

Rich people also tend to focus on building their professional skills by investing in courses, coaching, books, memberships, and seminars that will increase their value in the marketplace. 

They recognise that THEY are their greatest asset and they spend time and money to ensure they are constantly learning and growing. It’s an over used cliche, but investng in yourself is the best investment you can make.

I haven’t grown my wealth without making massive investments in my personal development. I’ve attended more workshops than I can count, and invested in mentors, courses, books, and tools to learn everything I can about how to grow my wealth. These are not accidental costs, they were deliberate and part of a plan to gather the knowledge required to be the best investor I could be.

The Wealthy Have Daily Success Rituals 

Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals was written by author Tom Corley who studied millionaires for five years. 

The book sets out some of the daily success habits and rituals many uber-wealthy people have in common. Here are a few of them –

Millionaires get up early and have solid morning routines

Financially successful people aren’t addicted to hitting the snooze button. They’re up early and kicking off their morning routines to get the day started right.

Rich people prioritise physical activity each day

The wealthiest, healthiest people make physical fitness a priority each day; whether it’s hitting the gym, personal training, yoga, or even just a walk around the block. I personally prefer cycling long distances, but that’s just me. 🙂


They create a list of action items for each day and actually complete them!

Wealthy people are action-takers! They prioritise focusing on completing the tasks that deliver the biggest long-term outcome each day, not just the easy stuff. They have a ‘DO IT NOW’ mindset and don’t procrastinate.

These are pretty simple daily rituals that anyone can do but over time the compound effect leads to improved productivity, health, knowledge and—consequently—wealth.

They Set Financial Goals With A Dollar Value  And Track Their Progress

Wealthy people know that articulating and writing down their money goals – and tracking their progress – is a major key to financial success. 

Their goals are clear and S.M.A.R.T, there’s no ambiguous, vague ‘One day I want to be a millionaire’ type of wishful thinking. 

Wealthy people know where they’re heading financially and put a dollar value on each of their money goals. For example:

“This year, I will invest $10,000 into ETFs and $10,000 into a Real Estate Investment Trust. 

I will invest 10% of my surplus into high-interest savings account for other investment opportunities that may come up in the next twelve months”

Now they are pretty specific goals! 

Having a crystal clear goal means that planning to make it happen is much simpler. 

money goals

It’s easier to figure out exactly how much you need to save/earn each month to hit your target. 

For long-term planning, like retirement, knowing your Happy Retirement Number, means you’ll know how much interest you’ll need to earn and how much you’ll need to invest over the years to stay on track. 

If your current financial aspirations seem more like a wish than a solid target, seem more wishy-washy, and vague, make like the rich do and set yourself written, specific money goals.

Wealthy People Set Their Mind To Abundance

Your belief about yourself, your situation, and what is possible are created entirely by you…and it’s your mindset that determines your result! Be it your finances or any other area of your life. 

Wealthy people have a money mindset based on abundance, while those who struggle or have mediocre outcomes with their finances have a poor, scarcity-based money mindset. 

The scarcity mindset is rooted in the idea that there isn’t enough to go around, and that someone will always miss out. 

It also mentally caps your earning potential (I’ll only ever earn X amount per year) and makes you feel like the money you do earn will somehow ‘disappear.’

On the other hand, wealthy people with an abundance mindset believe there is always enough for everyone; enough opportunities and enough money. 

They also believe that value creates money, not time. Many super-wealthy people own businesses and focus on providing value in the products and services they deliver; thus creating lucrative income streams, rather than working for an hourly based salary. 


If you think you might have a scarcity mindset, I really believe doing the work on yourself to change old, limiting, scarcity-based beliefs to those of abundance can truly transform not just your finances, but your entire life. 

It’s all in your head and you can make that mindset shift if you decide to!

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