23 Money Affirmations And Why You Should Use Them

Affirmations, what’s all the fuss about? So many people have limiting, negative beliefs about money.  

I know I did. Once upon a time I thought money grew on trees and that rich people were lucky or worse, selfish…..

Limiting money beliefs trap you and hold you back from reaching your best financial life.

limiting beliefs

Here’s the thing, no matter how much you earn or how carefully you plan your budget and set financial goals, as long as you hold deep negative beliefs about money, you’ll continue to struggle. 

You’ll keep making the same money mistakes and ending up right back where you started.

Again and again..

….and again.

Or, you might actually reach a point where your account balance is healthy and your investments are rolling along…. but you’re still holding on to old negative beliefs. 

These beliefs will keep you from enjoying what you have and the progress you’ve made! You’ll still feel a sense of insecurity and scarcity when it comes to money. 

I don’t know what’s worse – never reaching your financial goals or reaching them and still feeling haunted by money worries and stress. 

What do you believe about money?

This little exercise can reveal a lot. Have a think about what money means to you and fill in the blanks of this sentence – 

Money is _______________________

To me, money means _____________________

I’d like to make more money but____________________

Do your answers reveal any limiting beliefs about money that may be holding you back from a life of financial freedom?

Limiting money beliefs and our subconscious mind

Negative, limiting beliefs are actually stories we tell ourselves about money – they’re often based on some of our earliest life experiences. 

This means you’ve probably been telling yourself the same story for decades – no wonder it’s got such a tight grip on you!

Many negative beliefs we have about money are operating subconsciously and once we accept them as truth, they become our reality.

But …just because we believe something to be true, doesn’t mean it is. 

Here’s the real kicker, even when we know we have limiting beliefs (we’re conscious of them) because they come from our subconscious mind, we can’t change them in the state of our conscious mind. 

We have to get to the root (the subconscious) and change things from there.

How can we change our subconscious mind? Through the power of affirmations. 

How affirmations can help change negative money beliefs 

Essentially, affirmations are statements we repeat to ourselves designed to change limiting beliefs, inspire or motivate us in any area of life. In this case, we’re focusing on finances. 

money affirmations

They’re powerful tools (science even says so) we can use to create significant mindset shifts and positive long-term change. Not the kind of change that just sticks around for a little while before we slide back to our old thoughts and habits. 

Speaking affirmations out loud is one of the most powerful ways to reprogram your beliefs about money and help create the financial life you want.  

Here are 23 money affirmations to crush limiting beliefs – 

I have more than enough money

I release all negative energy over money

I embrace new avenues of income

I recognise and take action on wealth creating opportunities

I choose wealth and abundance.

I use money to create my best life

I am worthy of making more money

I use money to help others.

I constantly attract opportunities to create more money

Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways

My daily actions create prosperity

money flows easily

I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking

Money comes to me effortlessly, easily, and frequently

Prosperity of every kind is drawn toward me

I am the master of my wealth

Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences

Money creates a positive impact on my life

I deserve abundance and prosperity

My income more than exceeds my expenses

I know what I want and expect in my life and have a plan to make it happen 

I am always grateful for different sources of income

My income is always increasing 

I am created for wealth and abundance

Getting money for the sake of getting money is not an end in itself. It’s a means to an end; happiness, security, freedom, experiences, etc (whatever you want!) is the end goal. 

Money allows us to lead the kind of quality life we want to design for ourselves and our family. 

It brings financial freedom, whatever that might look like for you. It doesn’t have to mean living a crazy luxurious life, it might be living a simple life where all your needs are met without any financial stress. We all have different ideas of what financial freedom looks like!

How to use money affirmations

Choose a couple of affirmations that resonate with you – or write your own – and read them out loud to yourself in the mirror each day. It might seem a little strange at first but stick with it!

If reading them out loud seems strange, an alternative is to put three affirmations in your phone as alarms and have the alarm set for different times throughout the day. When the alarm goes off you read the affirmation and before long, BOOM, you have updated your subconscious with positive money messages.

Once you get in the habit of repeating the affirmations and taking action and learning all you can about managing money, you’re going to see a real shift in your financial life.

So go on and give it a try! What have you got to lose?

What are your favourite money affirmations? Feel free to share in the comments.