The Success Journey: Mistakes are lessons

The road to success is never straight. Your financial freedom journey is not going to be a straight line. Sorry, that’s the harsh reality.

straight lineThe dictionary definition of “straight” is extending or moving uniformly in one direction only; without a curve or bend..

Can we apply that same definition to life? Absolutely not.

There really isn’t such a thing as “straight” in the universe. At the core of everything, including us, is energy, and energy travels in waves. Imagine throwing a pebble into a lake, watching the ripples gliding across the surface.

Right after you throw your pebble, someone else also tosses a pebble in the same lake, and now the ripples from that pebble collide with the ripples from yours. That’s how everything in this universe works.

How you manage this collision of the waves of energy will determine your success and outcomes.

Take Control for your road to success

People and events are constantly colliding. This creates new pathways, situations, and actions.

The chaos of life makes it almost impossible for anyone to go “straight” to where they planned. Some people thrive on chaos and change, but most people struggle in this environment. They get frustrated, demotivated, and ready to throw in the towel. This is normally a result of them having expectations, and these expectations are usually almost impossible to meet.

We might as well just accept it: the road to success comes with twists, turns, ups, downs, stops and reverses.

Once we really understand and accept this, we’re less likely to be deluded into having unrealistic expectations that there’s a straight line to the top.

road to successSo in your financial freedom journey, when you come across bumps, flat tires, and raised bridges along the way, you won’t be so quick to get upset or give up.

Getting off track is normal and therefore “perfect”.

That’s a really important point, so let it sink in, because when you accept or acknowledge that everything is perfect right now, your struggles will become far less significant.

And as we already know, everything is energy, including your thoughts.

Your thoughts lead to your feelings, which lead to your actions, which lead to your outcomes.

If your thoughts are that you need to be on a straight line to success, your probability of success dramatically reduces.

Success and Perfectionism

You should expect to spend a great deal of time making mistakes, or if you prefer, “making corrections”, on your road to success.

There is a reason why perfectionists have a hard time being highly successful. Perfectionism is a form of fear, based on fear of failure or the fear of disapproval.

One of my trading mentors told me the story of a client of his who was learning to trade, he was a diligent student that did all the study, the research and testing. In fact, he was so diligent that he tested for many years. He was looking for the perfect system and after more than five years of learning and testing, he hadn’t taken a single trade.

If perfectionists don’t get it exactly right, then they don’t have to finish, follow through, and move on. They get to stay stuck “until it’s right”, but of course it’ll never be right. Perfectionists will never have to face the possibility of rejection or disappointment.

We need to see mistakes as “feedback” rather than something to be avoided at all costs. Mistakes are our perfectly natural learning curve. They are the feedback we need to get ourselves back on track or to make the next step in our development.

thinking womanWhen you make a mistake, it results in reflection. This reflection provides the opportunity for a deeper level of learning. This deeper level learning takes you to the next step of your development, it is the fuel for even better results…

Don’t miss this opportunity by stopping, you could be just one step away from a massive breakthrough.

Take Action

We can do the same thing we already know we need to do in order to keep moving forward: Take action!

Those actions will produce results, and sometimes more mistakes. Then we just get that feedback, use it to correct our course again, and take more action.

This is the non-linear path toward success. As long as you use this path, and persevere, it’s virtually impossible to fail.

Remember, we’re all ripples in the lake of the universe. You never know how a comment, observation, or shared experience can change the course of your life or another person’s life!

As you start to plan your financial goals for 2018, think about what bumps, curves, bridges and mistakes you might encounter along the way…

…and factor that into your expectations.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you have managed the bumps in your financial journey.