Who Inspires You?

Have you ever stopped to think about who inspires you? There are bound to be many people that have had an impact on you and have shaped your life.

These people will have demonstrated key characteristics that appeal to you and that you want to portray in yourself…

This is an important lesson in the wealth creation process.

Having people that you can model is one of the traits that I have discussed previously as key to success in wealth creation.

The characteristics that you admire and model from other successful people won’t all be related to their wealth strategies, some of their personality traits will be just as important.

This is one of those lessons that I took a while to appreciate, but once I did, it had a massive impact on my wealth creation results.

It’s Not About the Strategies

Having studied a number of successful people over the past 25 years, I have identified that you need to understand the mindset of what makes these people successful…

Because they all will tell you that the strategies they use are not that special.

And this is why identifying who inspires you is so important.

What you discover is that there are so many different ways to be successful, and that should excite you…

since it means that there is nothing special about the way to achieve wealth.

That’s great news.

Who Inspires You?

So why is it important to be inspired?

Identifying someone or multiple people that inspire you provides you with the juice to go out and try to achieve your goals.

The great thing about having people that you admire, that inspire you, is that they can give you the extra motivation required to keep going when results aren’t all that you want them to be.

By reflecting on their journey you can identify when things didn’t work out for them and learn from what they did to keep going and turn it around.

Look at Richard Branson, another of those that inspires me.

He started his first business, Virgin Music, from his home. He started with nothing, just a desire to achieve his dream.

passionOn many occasions, his dream was challenged. In his autobiography ‘Losing My Virginity’ he explains a number of incredible circumstances that could have derailed his dream.

Like the time when he was in a desperate situation with funding. Rather than let the situation beat him, he used his desire to succeed and managed to solve the problem by using time zone differences. He found a solution in the USA so that in the morning in the UK he was able to provide the funds required to keep his business alive.

Now you may be saying yeah sure, Richard Branson has amassed incredible wealth and you don’t think that is possible for you…

Well, that may be true, he is rather unique…

However, as I have written before, financial freedom is not about having billions of dollars.

My Inspiration

I take great inspiration from someone that I was introduced to about six years ago now, Pete Godfrey…

Pete is known as ‘The Wizard of Words’ and has written copy for some of the most successful marketing campaigns of modern times.

He enjoys financial freedom, being able to work when he chooses, and more importantly enjoying the things that he loves to do, like fishing, whenever he chooses.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Pete left school when he was just 15 and for some time tried his hand at many different jobs, a lot of them hard labouring jobs.

It took time for him to find his inspiration, his niche, but when he did he went after it with passion and hard work.

He read all the books he could to learn his craft. He attended courses and studied the best in the industry until he knew as much as possible.

And as a result of all this work, he built a business that provides him financial freedom.

who inspires youNow that is inspirational…

Think about what you can learn from this story.

A combination of hard work and dedication took Pete to a place that would have been difficult for him to conceive at 15 when he left school early…

But it also highlights that wealth creation is not about your academic record, and a whole lot more about your WHY, what inspires you.

And don’t be afraid to identify people that provide you with inspiration, it can be a great way to learn how you can achieve your goals.

Nothing can be achieved in life without inspiration, which fuels the burning desire to achieve your goals.

Understand that others have done it and so can you…

There is a path to success and being inspired is a great way to get started.

Learn from Others

Find someone that you can relate to, try to meet them if you can, and learn how they did it. How can you apply what they did to your situation?

There is so much to be gained from learning from others…

If you are looking to make your wealth in the stock markets, there is a great set of books called ‘Market Wizards’ which are interviews with ordinary people that started with nothing and achieved extraordinary wealth through the stock and financial markets. I highly recommend it.

A word of caution though or reminder if you like…

Understand that it takes time and that there is nothing special about most of these people…

It’s not about education or academic record…

It is however about applying yourself, taking action, and understanding your WHY.

Without inspiration, you will struggle to apply yourself, retain the faith that you are capable and worthy, and believe it is possible. These are key components to success in life, not just wealth creation.


Look at successful athletes, all of them will be able to tell you who it was and when it was that they were inspired to become a champion – they didn’t just wake up one day and say I’m going to start doing the pole vault, looks like fun, might give it a go…

It was someone else and some event that inspired them, and continues to inspire them…

But ultimately you are responsible for your life, so make the choice today to achieve more, find your inspiration and start achieving more now… You can and should do it!

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  1. I have played a high level on the sporting field and I have a lot of people who have inspired me along my long sports career. I only meet Andrew about 5 years ago and I have taken inspiration from him in achieving my financial goals. Thank you Andrew for giving me the confidence and knowledge, you are truly inspirational in this game of investment.

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